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Wednesday Oct 28 2020 11:12AM ET
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  Posted on Aug.08.2009 @ 10:58PM EDT by chontri
What, monks, is the world? The eye and shapes, the ear and sounds,
the nose and smells, the tongue and tastes, the body and tactile objects,
the mind and mental objects - these... continue...

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There are 1357 guestbook entries.
 21  trigger po found this site through 07.08.2011  
  Great to see you here Mary. I have been stalking you. LOL

 22  ??? found this site through 04.05.2011  
  ??? buddhist sutra



 23  Stopman found this site through other 03.15.2011  
  Perfect site. Thumbs up

 24  HusbandO from Delft found this site through 12.07.2010  
  Mijn complimenten 'Boekenanna'.

Ik heb een vraagje: ik maak Haiga... dat is een Chinees/Japanse poezie-vorm. Haiga werd zo'n 250 jaar geleden door een Zen monnik bedacht... en ik maak ze vanuit diezelfde filosofie.

Waar kan ik eventueel enkele voorbeelden plaatsen?

Kennen jullie (mijn Bijbel): Zen in de kunst van het Boogschieten van Herrigel? Klein zwart boekje... maar oooooooh zo volwassen. Emile Molhuysen - Delft

 25  Sergi from ??????? found this site through other 11.17.2010  
  Very good site.

 26  locoenacap from San Jose found this site through a search engine (queusearch.com) 11.08.2010  
  You have a really great site.

 27  carina from sweden found this site through a search engine (google zen) 10.29.2010  
  real glad for your site , lovely combinations :)

 28  PayntSmdj from Grand Rapids, MI, United States found this site through a search engine (Google) 10.22.2010  
  Zen is fun.

 29  mrobins from Detroit, Mi found this site through a search engine (Google) 07.28.2010  
  Great site! Thanks for sharing such good and useful info..

 30  Nolwenn from Paris, France found this site through a search engine (Google) 07.22.2010  
  Thank you for this very complete and informative guide to the practice of Zen. I especially enjoy reading and will always return to the Koans/Zen stories; there is always a new lesson to learn.

 31  The Buddha from London,UK found this site through a search engine (GOOGLE) 06.16.2010  
  Great site guys - the very best of luck for the future.


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 32  dee from Culpeper, VA, USA found this site through a search engine (google) 05.26.2010  
  although we all are learners; i am learning what cannot be learned.

 33  bonnibrai from ontario,canada found this site through a search engine 05.17.2010  
  lots of resources to help in my study of buddhism

 34  kyotozen from Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan found this site through a search engine 02.19.2010  
  Absolutely great one stop shopping for all things Zen.

 35  Flip from Lansing, Michigan found this site through a search engine (http://www.ipl.org/) 02.18.2010  
  Thank you for such a well organized website.

 36  Enrique from Pennsylvania found this site through a search engine (google) 01.02.2010  
  Thanks very much, for this website, whre i live i do not have zen center, but reading all this information will support my practice. thanks.

 37  Zenladyzen from VA found this site through a search engine (Yahoo) 12.22.2009  
  Extremely informative sight. Found it through Yahoo. Explains clearly what I was looking for, the four noble truths, the eightfold path, karma, reincarnation. Have a lot of reading to do after printing several pages. I liked everything about the sight.

 38  asmajk found this site through 12.05.2009  
  real zen is about undoing all attachments to and beliefs in your fake, illusive dreamcharacter that thinks it really exist. Real self is no self. so cut all the bs from your mind, loose all programmations you learned from birth on

non-dual reality is real dual reality is completely illusive I am Impersonal I-Subject and that is all I am

 39  kimmie108 from Plano,TX,USA found this site through a search engine (Google) 11.18.2009  
  Great website !!! There are so much great books to read I don't know where to start.

 40  Sambo from New Jersey found this site through a search engine (yahoo) 10.13.2009  
  Nice website. I'm a Christian looking for a renewed spiritual experience.


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