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Friday Dec 01 2023 02:59PM ET
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  One day when the Buddha was sitting on grasses in a grove, a little deer
came about very close to him and showed its friendliness. The Buddha first
was> dearly to the little deer a little bit, then he grasped a little stick next to
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From May of 1999 to the present day, I have had many opportunities to talk to about five hundred people who are interested in learning and practicing what the Buddha and Zen masters teach. I have given answers to their questions about Buddhism and Zen on this web site [zenguide.com] on a daily basis.

I saw the need for an introductory guideline on zazen practice that would help. Therefore, I have tried to put some words down here as a guideline for those who would like to see into their own nature or Buddha-nature. The guide is for those wishing to practice the very first steps, and who wish to free themselves from suffering caused by their own greed, anger, and ignorance.

If the reader would like to help others wanting to achieve the same things, these guidelines will allow them to do this. Actually, most of what I have put together here already appears in the answers mentioned above

What I have written in these guidelines was mainly imparted by my own Zen teacher, Thong Lac. Through his compassion and skillful teachings, my mind's eye has been opened to some degree. I deeply bow my thanks to him here.

I began about twenty-five years ago and I have kept up the practice to this day. Further information about Zen and zazen practice was gleaned from different books by Zen teachers past and present, and also from the Buddhist Scriptures (Sutras and Sastras). So, it could be said that nothing here is my own.

As you have seen already, this guideline merely scratches the surface. Therefore, it may be revised and added to as and when needed. Comments or suggestions from any of you will be welcomed and appreciated. You can forward them to me to E-mail address below. Thank you in advance.

Finally, I would like to extend deep thanks to my friends John Charlson (U.K) and Joeri Van den Broeck (Belgium). Each of them, with great heartedness and talent, helped to edit my English. Their assistance has made this guide easier to read, understand, and practice. to our readers. And I also deeply thank to all the authors, translators, and editors of the sources mentioned in this guide.

Chon Tri

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